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Thank you for considering COWGIRLS UNTAMED as one of your WHOLESALE SUPPLIERS!  You'll find that we offer a fairly unique and affordable wholesale experience.

COWGIRLS UNTAMED is a family run business that sells retail and wholesaler. The company is run by Michael, who is a horse ridin', dirt road drivin' kind a guy. COWGIRLS UNTAMED remains small and customer oriented, while selling to small boutiques around the world. We have customers in over 12 countries! 

Very quickly, the products we sold were flying off the shelves, and people were constantly calling us asking about wholesale discounts. So, we did. Today we offer WHOLESALE PRICING to help other small businesses survive in a time where BIG STORES are making it difficult for family run and small boutiques to succeed.   

NOT ONLY will COWGIRLS UNTAMED bring unique and on trend items to your business to help with your success, your wholesale shopping experience will be easier and affordable for you. We have 3 categories of wholesalers:

1. Purchase small quantities and we can drop ship. Standard discount applies, which can be seen on the item screen. Range: 35% to 50% off our listed price.
2. Purchase $500-$999, and receive an additional 10% off. Shipped direct to you.  You'll receive a discount coupon for checkout.
3. Purchase $1000+, and receive an additional 15% and FREE USA SHIPPING! Shipped direct to you. You'll receive a discount coupon for checkout.

NOTE: If you need a Earring Hanger Board for the earrings in your order, let us know at checkout. Otherwise some earrings may arrive in organza bags.

 YOUR FIRST ORDER MINUMUM, must be $150 wholesale price.

  • After your first order, the MINIMUM ORDER is $50.  
  • INCREASED DISCOUNT: Higher quantities of any single item, contact us via Facebook to see if an additional discount applies.
  • You have a lot of freedom regarding the sizes you purchase. You can customize them according to your customer base. That means there are  NO SET PACKAGE OF SIZES when buying clothing.You can by 1 Small top or 5 small tops.  If you need a higher quantity or different size then is shown. Facebook message us or email us. We may be able to do that.
  • Periodically, we offer sales to our retail customers, and provide coupons. You can use these coupons, but the same coupon only once, to save even more. A FREE SHIPPING coupon is good for up to $12 (average for a retail customer). If your shipping cost is more than that, we will contact you via email and send you a Paypal invoice for the difference to be paid prior to shipping.Make sure your email will not send our emails into SPAM.
  • We will happily DROP SHIP ( ship directly ) to your USA BASED customer(s). So you don't need to carry stock, unless you want to. We will NOT include any paperwork when drop shipping. We will not ship part of your order to one customer, another to another customer, and another to you. Each order must be for each individual customer. Your item will be shipped unwrapped, and without paperwork. We do recommend that you at least stock the items you know are or will sell quickly, as we have items that ship out as soon as they come in, and there are items we don't restock once sold. 
  • INTERNATIONAL SHIPPING will be the standard USPS international rate - usually $24 or higher. If your order is a large one and is heavy, you may have to pay more in shipping, and we will work with you on that.No FREE shipping.
  • CUSTOM WORK specific to your business (jewelry and t-shirts, tanks, hoodies). Just email us, and we will work with you. There are times of the year, like Christmas, where we are not able to do this. Please plan accordingly.
  • There are NO RESTRICTIONS on PRICING. You can price your items higher than we do, if your customers will pay higher, we say GO FOR IT!
  • There are NO RESTRICTIONS on STORE TAGGING. You can use your own tags - be sure to let us know, so we don't include our tag. You can not take our custom items and call them yours.
  • We also have a COWGIRLS UNTAMED SIGN and COFFEE MUGS you can purchase to use at your storefront or tent show. When selling one-of-a-kind jewelry, or our custom t-shirts this may be a good idea. 
  • We are now selling clearance items on Ebay. There you will find some great deals - perhaps better than your discount. Check it out. The link can be found on our Facebook page. Also, be sure to follow our wholesale board on Pinterest. We pin new items concictently there. It'll keep you up to date. 

NOTE: COWGIRLS UNTAMED is mostly a RETAIL STORE, so you will find a range of discounts from 20% up to 50% the last listed price on our website. Because some items are already discounted, such as designer clothing, your actual discount may be even higher than 50%.

ORDER PROCESSING: We require 2-4 BUSINESS DAYS to ship stock items. Quantity on our site may not be what we have here, but is available for us to purchase from the warehouse. Inquire via Facebook if you need an item by a certain date, and we'll let you know if we can make that happen.

We require approximately 3-4 weeks on both large and custom orders. If part of your order has to be ordered from another warehouse, it typically will take 10 BUSINESS DAYS to ship. 

RETURNS: We do DO NOT accept returns NOR order cancellations from wholesalers, unless the wrong item was shipped, there was a significant delay in the shipment of your order due to a COWGIRLS UNTAMED stock issue, or the item arrived damaged. You are responsible for your customer returns.  There are circumstances when we will allow a return for a store credit. OUR SUPPLIERS do not accept returns from us, and therefore we can not accept returns. NO RETURNS. We provide a detailed description of our items to assist you when ordering. If you are unsure, then purchase only 1 of that item to make sure it is what you think it is. Again, we can not accept returns. 

ORDERS OVER $1000: If you are placing an order over $1,000, or for quantities that you don't see available, please call Michael, the owner, at 951-310-7125 or PM us on Facebook. We probably can get the quantities you need. They just aren't listed.

 WHOLESALE DIRECTIONS: You'll need to click on the link "APPLY TO BECOME A VENDOR" in bold lettering below, to sign up. You can contact us by phone: call Michael, the owner, at 951-310-7125. You can also contact us via our Facebook page in Facebook Messages.  Please complete the form, and we will be in contact with you ASAP. Afterwards, your best bet to get ahold of us the fastest way is to facebook message us:  

NOTE: Your discount show's up in your cart at purchase time. 


At the end of your order you will see a shipping charge.  Please note, depending on your purchase and where you are located, you may be charged more. We will notify you when we are ready to ship if there will be an additional charge. 

TO GET STARTED SHOPPING: As a COWGIRLS UNTAMED WHOLESALER you'll set up your password to use.

We are a marketing machine, and when marketing COWGIRLS UNTAMED, it benefits not only us, but our wholesale customers as well. Currently,  our product has sold online to customers nationally and internationally, as well as sold in shops and rodeos nationally and internationally.  We have / had advertisements and articles in EQUESTRE, COWGIRL, Canadian Cowboy, and COWBOYS and INDIANS magazines, to name just a few. In addition to that, we are always on FACEBOOK, where we have over 30,000 LIKES / FANS who look forward to seeing what we have to say on fashion / recipes / lifestyles, what items we are currently selling and where, and more. In other words, the marketing of our brand, will help you sell our product

We want your wholesale experience to be easy and affordable. COWGIRLS UNTAMED can be your ONE STOP SHOP, where you can pick up a lil' of this and a lil' of that for your customers at your boutique, next tent show at a rodeo, or for your website. Thanks again for thinking of us, and we wish you the best of luck in your business!

COWGIRLS UNTAMED STAFF ~ Fashion For Your Cowgirl Gypsy Rebel Soul

Our wholesale area is only available to registered wholesale vendors. Would you like to wholesale our products? Apply to become a vendor and we will send you information shortly if you are approved.

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